How I View the Practice of Law

I build my collaboration with my clients on the following core values: listening, empathy, transparency, loyalty, availability, and responsiveness.


When a client entrusts me with a case, I need to listen to them to have a precise idea of their work ethic and habits, their professional context and their needs. This allows me to address their issue in a way that dovetails their needs.

I then make an audit of the situation and explore all the possible options to meet their needs, each time drawing their attention to the consequences of each option and advising them on the one I would prefer. I make it a point to always clearly explain the reasons for my choice.


Empathy is key to understanding the underlying reasons for a client’s decision, through a presentation of the considerations and emotions. This allows me to have a better grasp of their personality and adjust my advice according to it and/or to their management method.

It reinforces the relationship of trust with my clients, and motivates me fight tooth and nail to achieve the goal we set.


Financial transparency is essential to me; I tackle this point on taking on the case, by discussing with the client the terms of the fees agreement that we will sign for the case.


Before taking on any case, I carefully look for any conflict of interest that might preclude me from dealing with this case, in accordance with my professional ethics.

This point is of utmost importance to me, considering that it is part of the essential prerequisites for building a relationship of mutual trust with my client.


On receipt of a request for advice made by phone or by email, I endeavour to respond on the same day, to indicate the amount of time I will need to reply to their question, and whenever possible, request from them the documents needed to address the question.

When the question does not require any special research, I will reply within 48 hours.

I systematically reply to all phone calls; in the event of an absence or appointments, I always call back as soon as I return from my absence, or once the meeting is over.


The consulting profession implies developing and honing an innovative, responsive and effective way to fight for the client’s best interests.