My Profession is my Passion

Lawyer Specializing in Labour Law, Social Security and Social Protection Law

My Law Firm: My Profession is my Passion

Passionate about my profession, I created my own Law Firm. I have developed a base of clients in the services, industry, and business, operating in various sectors, such as :
  • IT,
  • cleaning services,
  • banking,
  • insurance,
  • clothing,
  • audio-visual services,
  • metallurgy,
  • security,
  • education,
  • the automotive sector,
  • air-conditioning,
  • office furniture,
  • hotels,
  • jewellery, 
  • training companies,
  • stationery,
  • theatre,
  • health care,
  • portfolio management…

In consulting and litigation, I act on behalf of SMEs, regarding both individual and collective relations on issues pertaining to labour law and French Social Security law.

In consulting

I consider labour law as a tool that can be used to devise the best strategy for the company’s benefit:

At the individual level, regarding :

  • The drafting of their employment contracts: fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts,
  • Hiring formalities,
  • The management and drafting of disciplinary sanctions: drafting: of the internal rules, warnings, suspensions, etc
  • The establishment of procedures for individual and/or economic redundancies: observance of time limits and reaction to redundancy letters,
  • Mutual termination,
  • Employee transfers,
  • Secondment and expatriation of employees,
  • Retirement, etc.
  • Negotiations following employment contract termination, with a view to concluding a transactional settlement between the parties, for the companies and senior executives.

At the collective level, regarding :

  • The establishment and operation of the staff representative institutions (Staff Delegates, Works Council, Occupational Health and Safety and Working Conditions Committee), at the level of the company, the Economic and Social Unit and the Group,
  • Relations with Labour Inspection Services,
  • Negotiation, Drafting and Revision of company agreements, (with regard to working time, employee saving schemes, remuneration, older workers, occupational health and safety, etc.)
  • Consulting regarding the bargaining process and information/ consultation of staff representatives
  • Economic redundancies
For SMEs, in particular those growing strongly, my advice compares with that of an external HRD. I alert my clients to the points they need to monitor closely, the safety and prevention measures they need to take and establish, and I draft the procedures and assist my clients in implementing them.

In consulting

In litigation: Preparation of submissions, case files, and pleadings before the Labour Courts and Courts of Appeals, as counsel for Companies or Executives regarding:
  • Individual or collective dismissals and redundancies, (challenges to redundancies, court referrals, etc.) , Mutual terminations,
  • Disputes regarding protected employees,
  • Changes brought to employment contracts,
  • Psycho-social risks (psychological harassment, discrimination, etc.),
  • Legal or sector agreement company transfers (in particular as regards cleaning and safety sectors, etc.),
  • Staff representatives,
  • Works Councils,
  • Trade unions,
  • Gross negligence as defined by French Social Security
In the event of a conflict, with my client’s agreement, I initially encourage the parties to come together and negotiate a transactional settlement in order to secure departures on good terms between the parties.

In Litigation

My successful record is due to the importance I grant to the “Human factor”, as a result of my receiving training and certification in two alternative methods of dispute resolution :

for which I have become a Certified Mediator.

Through active listening, a Mediator allows the parties to:
  • Restore the dialogue,
  • Gradually rebuild trust in each other,
  • Identify and understand the root cause of their differences in order to find a solution

Collaborative Law
A new method of conflict resolution, which allows the parties to find an agreement based on both fairness and law.

These two alternative dispute resolution methods allow the parties to restore communication and to part on good terms, and/or to continue their working relationship.